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CNBE International     

The mission of CNBE's International program is to integrate international understanding of early childhood education and development among parents and early childhood educators around the world.


  • Exchange cultural best practices in children's education
  • Promote children and family relationships
  • Update early childhood educators with the latest educational programs
  • Engage in teaching and learning best practices of children's development

Below are some of the planned trips as well as photos and stories of past trips:

Dec 14th - 29th, 2012
Costa Rica Cultural Exchange for Children's Education

May 27th - 31st, 2010
Costa Rica Cultural Exchange for Families

There were 6 Cultural Exchange participants from ChildreNiños and Kiwanis Club of College Station that traveled to Costa Rica. We were hosted by the Pueblito Association in Paraiso, Cartago (Hogar Asociación Pueblito de Costa Rica).

This very successful visit included:

For Pueblito:
  • Educational resources and gifts for 20 foster mothers
  • School supplies, toys, healthful treats and personal items for 125 children ages 3 to 18
  • Two playground structures, each for different age groups.  Funding was provided by Kiwanis of College Station and a 50% discount from the playground manufacturer, Xilo of Costa Rica. A small detail made the purchase negotiation easier and more personable when the Xilo General Manager recognized the A&M logo on Larry's cap.  He mentioned that he had visited A&M years before and was impressed with College Station and the university.

The agenda at Pueblito was:
May 27th: Arrival and assignation to the respective homes. Meet foster mothers.
May 28th: Early rise, meet families and breakfast with families.
Watch hot steam erupting from the Turrialba Volcano in the distance.
Ride the school bus to take the children to local schools.
Visit the 16 foster homes and give each a basket of personal items for the children.
Meet with the Pueblito director for future plans.
Grocery shopping for the families.
Visit Xilo of Costa Rica to purchase playground equipment.
Dinner with the families.
Evening games with flourescent bracelets and necklaces for the children.
Distribute apples and breakfast bars to each home.
Helping children with English homework
May 29th: Early rise and breakfast with families.
Accompany 3 homes (25 children and foster mothers) to La Sirena Beach, Esterillos,  from 5am to 7pm.
Washed sand at a water fall!
Quick stop at the Tarcoles River bridge to view the caimans.
Dinner with the families.
Helping children with English homework 
May 30th: Early rise and breakfast with families.
Tour of the Irazu Volcano, 3,400 meters above sea level.
Lunch with the families.
Visit each home with a bag of educational toys and resources.
Group debrief meeting and planning needs for next visit.
Dinner with families.
May 31st: Return to US.

For ChildreNiños:
  • Start application process for ChildreNiños Association's non-profit status in Costa Rica.
  • Look for a location to own.
  • Plan to coordinate an educational event next year in CR in collaboration with the National Children's Hospital.
  • Plan to start a cultural exchange from Costa Rica to the US. Pueblito may have 3 staff participate in March 2011.
  • Plan to return to Pueblito next summer to stay in the homes for a week.

Please let us know if you would like to participate in any of ChildreNiños future planning in Costa Rica.

 ¡Pura Vida!


June - July 2008
Costa Rica Cultural Exchange for Early Childhood Education

"What a teaching and learning experience! I had the opportunity to live in the Foster Home compound of 18 homes serving 124 children, from 3 to 18 years of age. These children have all permanently been removed from their homes due to abuse, prostitution or neglect.

We presented to the residential philologist and staff regarding Early Childhood Education and child abuse prevention. We also traveled to a refuge for street kids and presented to a group of educators in the Province of Limon. When wrapping up, all of the children shared what they learned. One tough kid stood up and said 'if only my mom had learned Infant Massage maybe she would not have beat me!' One of the key presentations came off better than any of us could have ever dreamed.

We had a second presentation in San Jose for professionals to begin the process of having an International Exchange for Early Childhood Development. It all came together in a short three hours of presenting on Infant Massage, Family Resource Centers, Touchpoints and Leadership."

Gaye Weiss
Executive Director
La Plata Family Centers Coalition
Durango, CO